Lex Lybrand

SUMMER LEAGUE is from an original screenplay by Kelli Horan and was released in 2014. Lex followed that up with his first (and only, so far) work-for-hire directing job for MEET ME THERE.

2016 marked the first time Lex Lybrand wrote & directed a feature film with the tech start-up satire, THE TROLLS. He shares a screenwriting credit with the principal cast (Lisa Friedrich, Pat Dean, Rob Gagnon, and Katie Pengra) after giving each of them the opportunity to punch up their own characters’ scenes.

Lex’s 4th feature film, and first as sole-credited writer/director, MAYBE SHOWER was produced as his thesis film for the Vermont College of Fine Arts MFA in Film program. Expect to see it at a festival near you in early 2018 before hitting a TV screen very near you in the summer!

Kelli Horan

Kelli’s first feature film script, SUMMER LEAGUE, was the first feature produced & released by Greenless Studios. Kelli followed it up with an adaptation of the classic Irish folk song, WIND & RAIN.

She is currently working on a new original screenplay as well as a new original novel.

Other Credits & Short Films

Lex Lybrand has a variety of additional credits – some of them more fun & interesting than others.  :)

He appears in FOZZY: Unleashed, Uncensored, Unknown – a mockumentary about WWE wrestler & part-time rocker, Chris Jericho and his fictional alter ego, Moongoose McQueen.

Lex also appears in Weezer’s music video for “Beverly Hills” as well as the MTV-exclusive videos for Weezer’s “Pork & Beans,” “Automatc,” and “King.” (He played guitar with about 100 other Weezer fans for a bizarre ‘hootenanny’ music video, but there’s a close up of him, so it counts)

Lex produced a number of short comedy videos throughout his early career & throughout college. Most notably, his BATMAN’S BAD DAY trilogy of fan films actually landed him in a college text book about the weird culture behind fan films. Cool!