Cast & Crew

Director: Lex Lybrand
Writer: Kelli Horan
Producers: Lex Lybrand, Kelli Horan, and Carrie Cates
Genre: Drama | Comedy | Sports
Starring: Danielle Evon Ploeger, Kelsey Thomas, Gabriel Peña, and Timothy Bowman – with David Laurence, Kara Rainer, and David Harper
Release: 2014 – Now available on VOD!

About the film

Allie Miller is ready to move on. From school, from her hometown, and from all the family drama that plagues her teens. When she returns home for her last summer break, though, things get a bit complicated.

What was supposed to be a quick visit turns into a summer-long battle with life, death, and a hipster kickball team.

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