We wrapped up our initial fundraising efforts for TROLLS this week, and once again I’m blown away by the generosity of the internet. Thanks to you, we raised more than $4,000 on Indiegogo plus another $700 at our IRL fundraising event in Austin. This isn’t exactly the truckloads & truckloads of cash we were hoping for, but it’s certainly enough scratch to allow us to get this film in the can!

Production on the film will start at the end of August in Austin, TX and will continue for roughly 5 weeks, wrapping up at the end of September. We have a really tight deadline for the first cut of the film, so if you’re one of our Indiegogo backers that selected a perk level that allows you to see the film before anyone else, expect to get an invite to watch the first test screening before you wear your Halloween costume in public.  ;)

Keep checking back here for updates on the film. We’ll be posting behind-the-scenes photos & other goodies during the shoot!