The past 12 months have been absolutely bonkers for Greenless Studios. We have produced THREE feature films, all starting with Summer League in late 2012.

The beginning of 2013 saw the world premiere of Summer League in March, and just a few weeks after that, we were hard at work on two additional feature films!

Wind & Rain is written and directed by Summer League‘s scribe, Kelli Horan, and Meet Me There is the sophomore effort from director, Lex Lybrand (also the director of, you guessed it… Summer League!).

As you might imagine, there was quite a bit of overlap in terms of cast, crew, and locations when two feature films are made by the same group of people at the same time. Returning from the Summer League gang are actors Danielle Evon Ploeger, Kara Rainer, David Laurence, Micheal Foulk, Brady James, Mark Borden, and Brandon Stroud (whom also wrote Meet Me There!).

In an interesting turn on traditional ‘no-budget’ filmmaking, neither film in this binary arrangement is a ‘B’ film. We may have shared resources, but we never really intersected. It was a weird series of events that led to both films shooting at the same time — not really planned that way, and often very inconvenient… but the result is pretty astounding. In October of 2012 we wrapped on our first feature film ever, and in July of 2013 we’re up to three. Not bad for a bunch of indie storytellers with empty pockets. Not bad at all. :)

And, now… just in case you don’t believe these are real movies… We have poster art to show off!!