BC_SL_illustration__11x14We did it! Summer League, the first feature film from Greenless Studios, had its WORLD PREMIERE in front of a packed house a the Alamo Drafthouse Slaughter Lane in Austin, Texas.

The audience was filled with cast, crew, friends, family, and distinguished members of the press. Everybody was dressed up and looking good, but nobody was looking better and/or more attractive than the previously mentioned members of the press. If I weren’t a married man, I would throw myself at said members of the press. They also smelled nice. :)

This was our second ‘unofficial’ SXSW screening. We weren’t invited to take part in the actual festival, but we were happy to screen an early cut of the film for The New Movement theater’s Underground Comedy Fest on SXSW’s opening night in downtown Austin, and then, as if to be the cherry on everybody’s SXSW ice cream sundae… our premiere on Monday, March 18th — the day after SXSW’s official end.

And, the verdict?….

The film was received very well! Everybody stayed for the whole thing, AND they all clapped at the end. Super, super surreal. People laughed, people cried, and everybody thought I looked damn good as a reality TV ghost buster!

Check out some photos from our red carpet event and the pre/post show happenings over on Facebook…




The biggest thanks in the world go out to our amazing cast & crew for making this thing possible. I am truly honored to be able to work with people this talented and passionate. I really mean it. Most people don’t mean it when they say/type stuff like that, but, me… I friggin’ mean it!