If you’re a fan of the Best And Worst Of WWE Raw column, give this a listen! WithLeather.com editor and B&W columnist, Brandon Stroud, is officially our first external podcast client. I met Mr. Stroud here in Austin after coming across his B&W column and then inviting him on our own Wear The Cheese HOT TAG podcast, and after his experience with our show, he contacted us about producing his own podcast.

‘With Spandex’ is the logical extension of the pro-wrestling presence on With Leather, and we’re very excited about being a part of the show. If you listen closely, I may even make a cameo or two in some of the episodes. Usually it’ll involve Brandon saying “Hey, Lex – play X song for me!” and then I say “okie dokie!!” or something like that… but that still counts as a speaking role, right?

So, continue to enjoy our slew of podcasts over at Wear The Cheese and also enjoy this new show, too. Enjoy it all. Really, it’s ok.

With Spandex @ Uproxx.com
With Spandex on iTunes

Listen to episode 2!