Phillip Lybrand

SUMMER LEAGUE is from an original screenplay by Kelli Horan and was released in 2014. In 2018, Lybrand released a director’s cut of the film, which is available for free on Youtube right now!

2016 marked the first time Lybrand wrote & directed a feature film with the tech start-up satire, THE TROLLS. He shares a screenwriting credit with the principal cast (Lisa Friedrich, Pat Dean, Rob Gagnon, and Katie Pengra).

Lybrand’s 4th feature film, and first as sole-credited writer/director, MAYBE SHOWER was produced as his thesis film for the Vermont College of Fine Arts MFA in Film program. The film played festivals across the country, winning ‘Best Feature Screenplay’ at the Austin Comedy Film Festival and ‘Best Feature Film’ at the Portland Comedy Film Festival!

Phillip has cameos in all of his films as a recurring ghost hunter character from the fictional TV show, GHOST WARS, which was created as a way to tie together each of his films so that they exist in a shared universe. He’s also made cameos in several Weezer music videos, the mockumentary for Chris Jericho’s heavy metal spoof band, and he appears as one of many Silent Bobs in 2019’s JAY & SILENT BOB REBOOT.

In 2020, while on lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic, Lybrand worked as a second-unit director / animator / editor on the fan film project, PROJECT 88: BACK TO THE FUTURE TOO. He did the South Park style scene + the video game style scene. Good times!


Kelli Horan

Kelli’s first feature film script, SUMMER LEAGUE, was the first feature produced & released by Greenless Studios. Kelli followed it up with an adaptation of the classic Irish folk song, WIND & RAIN, which was later adapted into a short film.

She wrote and directed the short film, HINDSIGHT, which premiered at the 2018 Other Worlds Austin Film Festival before screening at SXSW in 2019.

Kelli is currently developing multiple feature film scripts that she hopes to produce and direct in the next few years!