THE TROLLS vs. HBO’s Silicon Valley

The June 4, 2017 episode of HBO’s hit comedy series, Silicon Valley, contains *several* elements (plot, story beats, character actions, vehicles, shot compositions, and even dialog) that very closely resemble elements in our film, which was first screened in 2015 before beginning it’s official festival run in early 2016 and releasing on VOD/DVD/Blu-ray in October of 2016. The film played festivals across the US and was the subject of national press, including a national cable TV interview, as well.

Please refer to the embedded video for a direct side-by-side comparison illustrating many of the overlapping moments in both pieces. Our film is available to stream in-full on Amazon Prime or in the Vimeo On-Demand embedded on this page.

The Trolls

Cast & Crew

Director: Lex Lybrand
Writer: Lex Lybrand
Producers: Lex Lybrand & Kelli Horan
Genre: Comedy | History
Starring: Rob Gagnon, Lisa Friedrich, Katie Pengra, Pat Dean
with Chadwick Smith, David Laurence, Carlos O’Leary
Release: October 11, 2016 (DVD, Blu-ray, VOD)

About the film

When a TX tech start-up loses everything to a patent troll, they fight back the only way they know how. Using a centuries-old legal loophole, they obtain a patent for BEING a patent troll. With this new power, it becomes easy to find revenge, and even easier to find themselves becoming the thing they set out to destroy.

Where to see the film

The-Trolls-DVD-imageTHE TROLLS is now available on DVDBlu-ray, Amazon Prime instant streaming, Google Play (Android), and select cable VOD outlets… Including the Vimeo player window above. You can literally watch the film right here, right now!

We will update this page as the film becomes available on additional platforms!

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